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Reminiscencia, (ensō # 35)

The series of drawings Reminiscencia (ensō # 35) is the result of an investigation into memory as a process of negotiation when inhabiting and constructing our spaces. This investigation starts from the limits our perceptive senses have to assimilate the totality of a place's geometry. When we find ourselves in a room, we perceive only part of its dimension. The rest of its geometry comes to be completed from our memory, from what we've assimilated of the space since we lived in it. Nevertheless, memory doesn't record concrete duration. What remains in our memory is an abstract time in which seconds, minutes and hours have lost all thickness. This temporal abstraction is reflected in the level of information we retain about our lived-in spaces, where geometry appears as something unfinished. It is from this line of thought that the series of drawings Reminiscencia (ensō # 35) takes shape, in which the geometry of the spaces presented is constructed from reminiscence.

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