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The lament of the trees, (ensō # 2)

If it's through words that we find a way to assimilate all that surrounds us, it's also through words that we find a boundary that doesn't allow us to go beyond the thing named. Most of the time, when we sit on a wooden chair, we forget about the tree. We've sat on the chair, but we haven't sat on the tree. Before it was felled, the tree was subjected to the language that made it an object easy to manipulate and transform. The names tree and wood are reductive classifications from which the tree is uprooted from natural space to be replanted in man's space. Building on this line of thought, the work The lament of the trees, (ensō # 2) presents a record player in which the section of a tree is marked through a nail. A new ring is created, signalling a new life cycle for the tree. This process creates a sound in which we can feel the transformation from tree to tree and from tree to wood.

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